Sunday, December 18, 2016

Beyonce Quotes

~ There’s ups and downs in this love. Got a lot to learn in this love. Through the good and the bad, still got love.  
~ I think it's healthy for a person to be nervous. It means you care - that you work hard and want to give a great performance. You just have to channel that nervous energy into the show. 
~ I put my heart in that album (Dangerously In Love). After playing the songs for my record label, they told me I didn’t have one hit on my album. Dangerously In Love, Naughty Girl, Me Myself & I, Baby Boy and my favorite; Crazy In Love. But they told me I didn’t have one hit on my album. I guess they were kind of right. I had five! 

~ I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually it's pizza, which is my favorite indulgence. 
~ Whenever I'm confused about something, I ask God to reveal the answers to my questions, and he does. 
~ If you are with the right person, it brings out the best version of you. 

~ I’m a human being and I fall in love and sometimes I don’t have control of every situation. 
~ I grew up in a very nice house in Houston, went to private school all my life and I've never even been to the 'hood. Not that there's anything wrong with the 'hood. 
~ My style offstage is so different from onstage. I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress.  

~ Diana Ross is a big inspiration to all of us. We all grew up watching everything about her - her mike placement, her grace, her style and her class.  
~ You know what, I'm very attracted to someone who makes me laugh and is that charming. Really, I could be charmed by anyone. I'm just a sucker for somebody that is charming.  
~ I always try to be myself. Ever since I was an introverted kid, I'd get on stage and be able to break out of my shell.

~ If he invited you out, he's got to pay.  
~ I'm a people pleaser. I hold a lot of things in. I'm always making sure everybody is okay. I usually don't rage; I usually don't curse. 
~ I've worn dresses from all different price ranges, and the thing that couture dresses have in common is that the fit is amazing. 
~ I like to walk around with bare feet and I don't like to comb my hair.

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