Sunday, January 29, 2017

Victoria Beckham Quotes

~ People I respect complimenting me on my work in fashion is more exciting to me than anything I ever achieved as a Spice Girl.

~ And while everybody was busy laughing, what was I doing? I was laying the foundation to what I have in place now.

~ He (David Beckham) does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!

~ I think the sexiest thing about a woman is confidence, but confidence in a humble way, not in an arrogant way.
~ I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America. I am a working mother.

~ I never take anything for granted. I think it's very cool to still get excited about things. I get as excited now as I ever did when I get a chauffeur driven car pick me up and I stay in a fantastic hotel or get to fly in a private plane. I never want to get blasé. 

~ I want my kids to have a good work ethic. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it.

~ I was never a natural. I got there in the end because I did believe that if you work hard enough, then you can achieve a lot.

~ I dress sexily - but not in an obvious way. Sexy in a virginal way

~ If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!

~ I am eating more. I think you do eat more when you're working out. And you want to eat healthily, so it's good all round.

~ Everybody changes. I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything, and it makes me smile. 

~ I'm still me even after all that's happened.

~ I've always been a worker. I've never expected be given anything.

~ I can live with my own mistakes. I can't live with anybody else's.

~ Just as I love women, I love gay men. I always say it: inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jennifer Aniston Quotes

~ You’re damned if you’re too thin and you’re damned if you’re too heavy. According to the press I’ve been both. Its impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying. 
~ Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place. 

~ What inspires you, what excites you when you wake up in the morning? 
~ I will not let myself down like that — I also know what feels good and it doesn’t feel good to harbor anger and resentment … We do have tools to work through stuff. Everybody does. 
~ Well, you know. I figured just seize the moment. 
~ We’re human beings. Human beings make mistakes. Human beings are not perfect. And by not forgiving someone, it’s not allowing human beings to evolve and become better people. 

~ I wouldn’t change my childhood, I wouldn’t change my heartaches, I wouldn’t change my successes … I really love who I am. 
~ I always say don’t make plans, make options. 

~ Really try to follow what it is that you want to do and what your heart is telling you to do. 
~ The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain. 
~ Don’t like [the pressure] that people put on me, on women — that you’ve failed yourself as a female because you haven’t procreated. I don’t think it’s fair. 
~ Everybody relates to having a dream. 
~ I realised it was only me who was stopping myself from living my life.

~ People who avoid the brick walls – all power to ya, but we all have to hit them sometimes in order to push through to the next level, to evolve. 
~ You can undo a lot of things. If you’re not happy, you can become happy. Happiness is a choice. That’s the thing I really feel. 
~ I love the unknown. I love the discovery of what will be happening and just kind of sitting back and not knowing. 
~ I would say I couldn’t be in a relationship without equality, generosity, integrity, spirit, kindness, and humor. And awesomeness.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Catherine Zeta-Jones Quotes

~ For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end.

~ My mother always told me that no matter how late it is, you take your makeup off. Take it off!

~ I hated grunge. No one’s more feminist than me, but you don’t have to look as if you don’t give a - you know. You can be smart, bright, and attractive aesthetically to others - and to yourself.

~ I get a bit gloomy when it's gloomy.

~ There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help

~ I eat like a horse - my mother still brings me Cadbury's chocolate from Britain; I do have a very healthy appetite - but I work out.

~ Words impress me. If a man can speak eloquently and beautifully to me, I just melt on the floor.

~ I love my job but it takes a lot for me to leave my kids, leave my husband and leave my dogs.

~ Yes, I was in love with my husband at first sight and still am. We have the most solid relationship.

~ I wish I was born in that era: dancing with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, going to work at the studio dressed in beautiful pants, head scarves, and sunglasses.

~ Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It's black and white - dramatic. You have to be strong.

~ I came out of the womb wearing make-up!

~ I do condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards, but it's very good for the hair.

~ I love my lawyer. I have to say that of course!

~ In Hollywood everything is so documented. If you go for a drink with somebody, it's passed around the world so quickly. So, yes, divorce is talked about a lot, but it's so much more fun to be able to spin it with dark humour, rather than talk about real people's divorces.

~ I think pre-nups are brilliant. I get very well taken care of.

~ The smartest thing I did was to stop going online. I'm the sort of person who will just look for the negative - Michael really can't understand it, but that's just the way I am. And with my bipolar thing, that's poison. So I just stopped. Cold turkey. And it's so liberating.

~ I was like any new bride, who said, 'I'm going to cook for my man.' In fact, once I started a small kitchen fire in a pan. Smoke was pouring from the pan, and I got really scared. Right next to our stove is a small fire extinguisher. You know, easy access.

~ I try and stay positive; being negative isn't good for my personality. I don't just bring myself down, I bring everyone around me down. It's like a dark cloud, 'Uh oh, here we go,' and have to snap out of it.

~ I think, especially in our business we meet a lot of people, and sometimes you spend so much time being nice to strangers, and so, you know, keeping a clear head and just being nice to each other. And that's all the advice I can give.

~ I'd love to do a show in Vegas with drag queens. The tackier the better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mel Gibson Quotes

~ I love women. They're the best thing ever created. If they want to be like men and come down to our level, that's fine.

~ I am politically incorrect, that's true. Political correctness to me is just intellectual terrorism. I find that really scary, and I won't be intimidated into changing my mind. Everyone isn't going to love you all the time.

~ You can't live up to what people expect. Nobody can. But I guess that's my problem, not theirs.

~ Women in my family are the center of things. All good things emanate from them. The guys usually mess up.

~ I think everything is pretty well preordained - even your mistakes.

~ After about 20 years of marriage, I'm finally starting to scratch the surface of what women want. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.

~ I had a female business partner once. Didn't work.

~ One should not worry about the future, particularly if it hasn't happened yet.

~ You know what happens when you don't take a risk? Nothing.

~ My whole approach to wardrobe is, throw it in a suitcase and make sure they don't press it, for Pete's sake, so I can try to display some rumpled charm. Actually, I'm just a pig. I've got coffee stains on my pants. I think they're coffee stains, anyway.

~ Men and women are not equal.

~ My father told me very early on that it was a sin to worry too much.

~ I don't make things complicated, that's the way they get all by themselves.

~ Pain is the precursor to change.

~ I have tremendous respect for women. I love them. I don't know why they want to step down.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bruno Mars Quotes

~ To write a song you must have an imagination, to have an imagination you must be free. 
~ Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you're from. 

~ Your amazing. Just the way you are. 
~ When it's your time, it is your time. 
~ I was perfect for the circus. If she dared me, I'd do it. Love makes you stupid

~ This ones for you and me, living out our dreams. We're all right where we should be.

~ You made me feel like, I've been locked outta heaven.

~ If you ever forget how much you really mean to me, Every day I will remind you 
~ You know I'd do anything for you.

~ I want a woman to love me for me and not just for my piggly diggly...You catch my drift? 
~ Standing at this liquor store, whiskey coming through my pores, feeling like I run this whole block 
~ I can't even speak Hawaiian, but if you go there and listen to a Hawaiian song, you get captured because it's so beautiful, like the melody is just gorgeous and you know Bob Markley is on the radio every single day.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blake Lively Quotes

~ I never think about how other people will respond to the way I dress. Dressing up is all about reflecting how I feel.

~ I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I grew up with the mindset that after work you go to dinner and watch a movie.

~ I feel like there are so many people I admire for so many reasons that I can’t look at one person’s life and say, “I want that life.” I want to make my own history.

~ I hope I never stop changing.

~ The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

~ People gossip. People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won’t be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves. I think at any age or any social class, that’s present.

~ You can’t be an entrepreneur for other people. You can’t start a company for other people. You have to love it more than you ever thought of loving something that wasn’t a human being. The demands will kick you down and rob your life – but yet, it is so rewarding.

~ If you ever want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never yours to begin with.

~ You can learn a lot from criticism if you can take what’s constructive out of it.If you read a review that starts with, ‘This person is an idiot; who do they think they are?’, you’re not going to learn anything from that.

~ My mom is a huge woman of worth for me because she’s been my idol my whole life. My mom was someone who juggled everything. She had her own career, she raised five kids, she was Superwoman… and she was never satisfied doing just one thing because… she probably just had too much energy.

~ I always appreciated the magnitude of my mother’s imagination. She always saw beauty in what was broken, and she’d preserve it.

~ It’s empowering to wear what you’re comfortable in, rather than look for validation from other people, which your’re never really going to get.

~ Family is at the heart of everything I do.

~ People just wanna talk. They wanna create negative things about you and your life and make up things. You can’t let them affect you.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Charlie Chaplin Quotes

~ A day without laughter is a day wasted. 
~ You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. 
~ A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure. 

~ I don’t believe that the public knows what it wants; this is the conclusion that I have drawn from my career. 
~ Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone. 
~ Perfect love is the most beautiful of all frustrations because it is more than one can express. 
~ To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it! 
~ Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain. 

~ What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning. 
~ Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is ‘elephant’. 
~ Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. 
~ Despair is a narcotic. It lulls the mind into indifference. 

~ We think too much and feel too little. 
~ The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish. 
~ In the end, everything is a gag. 
~ I suppose that’s one of the ironies of life doing the wrong thing at the right moment. 
~ My pain may be the reason for somebody’s laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody’s pain. 

~ I went into the business for the money, and the art grew out of it. If people are disillusioned by that remark, I can’t help it. It’s the truth. 
~ Imagination means nothing without doing. 
~ Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it. All it takes is courage, imagination … and a little dough. 
~ I am at peace with God. My conflict is with Man. 

~ Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself. 
~ The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs. 
~ I believe in the power of laughter and tears as an antidote to hatred and terror. 
~ Movies are a fad. Audiences really want to see live actors on a stage. 
~ Patriotism is too deep a feeling to depict in the posing for a photograph. 

~ Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles. 
~ To help a friend in need is easy, but to give him your time is not always opportune. 
~ The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury. 
~ I am for people. I can’t help it. 
~ A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk. 
~ Life is a play that does not allow testing. So, sing, cry, dance, laugh and live intensely, before the curtain closes and the piece ends with no Applause. 
~ All my pictures are built around the idea of getting in trouble and so giving me the chance to be desperately serious in my attempt to appear as a normal little gentleman. 
~ I do not need drugs to be a genius, do not take a genius to be human, but I need your smile to be happy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jennifer Lopez Quotes

~ Doubt is a killer. You just have to know who you are and what you stand for.

~ You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them. 
~ Always remember. You will live. You will love. You will dance again.

~ I believe in tough love but I don’t think I can ever be cruel to another artist. There are definitely better ways to say things.
~ Be true to yourself. Love yourself fully and completely.
~ I’m always motivated by other artists and inspired by them. They inspire me because when I see other people doing great things, it makes me want to do great things too.

~ I judge people on how they smell, not how they look.

~ I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge.

~ I don’t look at people and see color and race. I see inside.

~ Beauty is only skin deep. I think what’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.

~ Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block. Used to have a little, now I have a lot. No matter where I go, I know where I came from – South side Bronx! 

~ All that matter’s is that you treat me right. Give me all the things I need that money can’t buy.

~ Now people lovin’ me and hatin’ me, treatin’ me ungratefully. But not knowin’ that they ain’t makin’ or breakin’ me. My life, I live it to the limit and I love it.

~ I met so many men and it’s like their all the same. My appetite for lovin’ is now my hunger pain. And when I’m feelin’ sexy, who’s gonna comfort me? My only problem is their insecurity.

~ I locked away my heart, but you just set it free. Emotions I felt, held me back from what my life should be. I pushed you far away and yet you stayed with me. I guess this means that you and me were meant to be.

~ I barely know you but somehow I know what you’re about. A deeper love I’ve found in you and I no longer doubt. You’ve touched my heart and it altered every plan I’ve made. And now I feel that I don’t have to be afraid.

~ Ain’t it funny how a moment could just change your life. And you don’t want to face what’s wrong or right. Ain’t it strange how fate can play a part – in the story of your heart. 

~ Ain’t it funny how some feelings you just can’t deny. And you can’t move on even though you try. Ain’t it strange when you’re feeling things you shouldn’t feel. Oh, I wish this could be real.

~ This perfect romance that I’ve created in my mind. I’d live a thousand lives, each one with you right by my side.

~ It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me. It’s so ironic you’re what I had pictured you to be.

~ Gone are the days when the sun used to set on my empty heart all alone in my bed. Tossing and turning, emotions were strong. I knew I had to hold on.
 ~ Don’t push your weaknesses, play with your strengths.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ernest Hemingway Quotes

~ There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

~ Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.

~ I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?

~ The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

~ Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

~ The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.

~ The first draft of anything is shit.

~ All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.

~ There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

~ I drink to make other people more interesting. 

~ The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.

~ When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. 
~ All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. If you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.

~ Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready. 
~ It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

~ All thinking men are atheists.

~ Courage is grace under pressure.

~ Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.

~ If people bring so much courage to this world the world has to kill them to break them, so of course it kills them. The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.

~ You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person died for no reason.

~ Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

~ But man is not made for defeat," he said. "A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

~ The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. 
~ Never confuse movement with action.

~ As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand. 
~ Forget your personal tragedy. We are all bitched from the start and you especially have to be hurt like hell before you can write seriously. But when you get the damned hurt, use it-don't cheat with it.

~ A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

~ If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people. 
~ I've always been spontaneous and outgoing... I've tried lots of things so I've got some good life experiences, which is great 'cause it means I've got lots of material to work with as an actor. 

~ It's easy to fall into the trap of believing all the hype that's written about you... Who knows? In a couple of years, you might find me in the loony bin! 
~ Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me, I don't know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I'm a weirdo. 
~ The best thing about acting is that I get to lose myself in another character and actually get paid for it... It's a great outlet. I'm not really sure who I am - it seems I change every day. 
~ I get a friend to travel with me... I need somebody to bring me back to who I am. It's hard to be alone.
~ My mother is a walking miracle. 
~ I want to be a jerk like the rest of my friends, and have fun, and not care about the consequences, but I just can't now. 

~ I got attention by being funny at school, pretending to be retarded, and jumping around with a deformed hand. 
~ I realise that I do not change the course of history. I am an actor, I do a movie, that's the end of it. You have to realise we are just clowns for hire. After I had success it was great, at first, not to worry about money. It was on my mind when I was growing up. 

~ The good thing about acting is that it always keeps you on your toes... It's not like any other job where you can go in and do the same thing as yesterday. 
~ I've never been Romeo who meets a girl and falls for her immediately. It's been a much slower process for me each time I've gone into a relationship. 
~ To believe in love, to be ready to give up anything for it, to be willing to risk your life for it, is the ultimate tragedy. 
~ The first kiss I had was the most disgusting thing in my life. The girl injected about a pound of saliva into my mouth, and when I walked away I had to spit it all out. 

~ I don't think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles. I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of. 
~ Hoover was incredibly ambitious as a young man. He was highly motivated to succeed in Washington, primarily due to his mother's expectations of him. 
~ I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what really makes me happy and it's taken me a while to admit that acting like a little child and being a jerk and a punk is fun. ~ My mom, Irmelin, taught me the value of life. Her own life was saved by my grandmother during World War II.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meryl Streep Quotes

~ The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all sense a mysterious connection to each other. 
~ Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there. 

~ I have a theory that movies operate on the level of dreams, where you dream yourself. 
~ No one has ever asked an actor, 'You're playing a strong-minded man…' We assume that men are strong-minded, or have opinions. But a strong-minded woman is a different animal.

~ I think the best role models for women are people who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into the world. 

~ You don't have to be famous. You just have to make your mother and father proud of you.

~ Put blinders on to those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head. 
~ The formula of happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can. 

~ I like who I am now. Other people may not. I'm comfortable. I feel freer now. I don't want growing older to matter to me. 
~ This is your time and it feels normal to you, but really, there is no normal. There's only change and resistance to it and then more change. 
~ It is well that the earth is round that we do not see too far ahead. 
~ You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing.

~ I wonder which of the megaton bombs Jesus, our
President's personal savior, would have personally
dropped on the sleeping families of Baghdad? 

~ I always feel like I can't do it, that I can't go through with a movie. But then I do go through with it after all. 
~ It's amazing what you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it. 
~ I didn't have any confidence in my beauty when I was young. I felt like a character actress, and I still do. 

~ I think you find your own way. You have your own rules. You have your own understanding of yourself, and that's what you're going to count on. In the end, it's what feels right to you. Not what your mother told you. Not what some actress told you. Not what anybody else told you but the still, small voice. 
~ I have a very good life - I'm lucky enough not to be deprived.

~ The quote above about patience is NOT MERYL STREEP's-- this quote is actually from the pen of Portuguese self-help author/life coach José Micard Teixeira. PLEASE REMOVE IT!!!!! 
~ I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Wishes

~ Happy birthday to my best friend the one who laughs at my jokes and cries with me during my heartaches. I will always be here for you. 

~ Best friends are supposed to share everything with each other, so I am celebrating and sharing your birthday with you like it’s my own. I celebrate the beautiful friendship we share! Happy Birthday, buddy! 

~ Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. So glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day. 

~ You have been there for me no matter what. I am so excited to share your special day with you. Your birthday is going to be truly special. 

~ May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. 

~ Today is a perfect day to tell that you are nothing less than one of my family member! I Wish you a very warm and happy birthday. 

~ Happy Birthday to a true friend! You are such a special blessing to me I want to wish you a birthday filled with love, laughter and the things you enjoy most.

~ Let's celebrate your special day by promising each other that we'll always look out for one another, no matter what. Happy birthday, sis! 

~ Happy Birthday, dear husband. May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams. With lots of love, your wife.

~ This is just to let you know that you are the one I was waiting for! Happy Birthday My Love. 

~ Moments of joy you've given me... Are pearls of my life’s garland, You've made things so beautiful... Happy Birthday, dear Husband 

~ Every single day of my life that I spend with you, reminds me of how lucky I am. We have a picture perfect marriage and all the credit goes to you, my loving husband. Thanks for making it happen. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

~ I know the best things in life are free but none of them stack up to you (not even close). You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Happy birthday, sweet darling! 

~ When my smile makes your eyes shine, I feel like happiness has given me wings, That I can literally fly n be on cloud nine… On your Birthday, my heart simply sings, Songs with joy, so glad that you’re mine Happy Birthday, to the most caring husband 

~ Happy birthday to the love of my life (my lovely wife). I can’t wait to celebrate tonight when we blow out the candles and turn out the lights 

~ My dear wife I fall in love again every time that I see you. Hopeyou are happly with me. Happy Birthday.

~ To my wonderful wife. I wish you a birthday bright as a diamond, sparkling like a star, and so special that you will still be smiling about it when your next birthday comes along! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

~ On your birthday I want to make a promise that I will not tire, until I fulfill all your wishes and desires. Happy birthday dear wife! 

~ You are my all in one package? my wife, friend, lover, soul mate, and my partner in crime for everything. Let’s celebrate this bond and your Birthday together. Happy Birthday my dear! 

~ For me your birthday is just like another day. With you being by side everyday is a celebration. Thank you so much for being in my life and making it so meaningful.

~ Hpy b'dy Mom no one can ever take your place in my heart. I love you forever and ever. No matter where I go or who I meet, you will always be number one to me.

~ Mom, on your birthday I want to say again how much I appreciate al l that you do and have done for me. Thanks. Happy Birthday. 

~ Kids are supposed to make their parents proud but I am proud to tell people that you are my Mom. Happy Birthday Mom. 

~ Mom I want to thank you for all this years you raised me. I really appreciate it and admire you. You’re an amazing person and my heart is filled with warmth when I thinking of you. Thank you for that feeling and happy birthday Mom.

~ For every year of my life, you've easily won the “Best Mother of the Year” Award. No one comes even within a mile of your winning ways. Wishing you a birthday as great as you are, Mom. 

~ I am lucky that I love my father with all of my heart. I am really lucky to have a father that loves me with all of his heart. Happy Birthday. 

~ Your soul is pure, your heart is priceless, and your wisdom is astounding. Happy birthday, Dad! 

~ To the best dad in the world, thank you for being there for me. For urging me to be better and fight harder. I wouldn’t be who I am without your kind words and wise guidance. Happy birthday, Dad! 

~ Dad, you're the greatest. It's not just because you're there for me through good times and bad. It's also because you make the bad times good with your amazing love and support. Happy birthday dad! 

~ Dad… in my life’s treasure trove of memories, the ones we’ve shared together are the ones I miss the most. Happy birthday dad. 

~ The many meanings but the word is small, Dad, you are the best you know, I may not show, But I love you to the core, Wish you a lovely birthday! Keep smiling dad! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Taylor Swift Quotes

~ Your lucky enough to be different, never change.

~ The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name; it's beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change.

~ The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart.

~ We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken.

~ So to you, or anyone else who has spent four minutes on me in some way-- listening to just one song, or watching one of my videos….Thank you. I love you like I love sparkles and having the last word. And that's real love. 
~ There are two ways you can go with pain: You can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you…

~ Don’t worry. You may think you’ll never get over it. But you also thought it would last forever. 
~ Unique and different is the new generation of beautiful…
You dont have to be like everybody else. In fact I don’t think you should.

~ Never believe anyone who tells you that you don't deserve what you want.

~ Keeping your emotions all locked up is something that’s unfair to you. When you clearly know how you feel. You should say it. 
~ Beauty is sincerity.There are so many different ways someone can be beautiful. 

~ I rode an elevator with a guy who was whistling the tune of 'this is the song that never ends'. Putting that on me? Come on dude.. 
~ I think I fell in love with words before I fell in love with music. 
~ Never never never compare yourself to the beautiful girls. There's always someone gorgeous who will make you feel like you're not. It's a total confidence buster!

~ That’s always the hardest thing when someone completely has you fooled so much, that you think they’re just never going to hurt you, then they do. That’s when you get the worst heartbreak.
~ When I was in high school, I remember seeing girls crying in the bathroom every Monday about what they did that weekend. I never wanted to be that girl crying in the bathroom. 
~ When we meet someone and we fall in love we don’t ever imagine that it’s going to end. 
~ In any relationship each person should support the other; they should lift the other up. 
~ Be yourself. There is no one better. 

~ My parents raised me to never feel like I was entitled to success.That you have to work for it. You have to work so hard for it. And sometimes then you don't even get where you need to go. 
~ The words. I love words. I love to write. Being an artist is what I love.

~ Living alone, you can do so many fantastic things I’ve learned. You can like, walk around and have so many conversations with yourself and sing your thoughts. I think I’m the only one that does that… 
~ I think that personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful. 
~ When you’re singing you can hear the echo of people in the audience singing every single word with you, and that was that big dream that I had for myself. It’s happening.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Nicholas Sparks Quotes

~ Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

~ So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me… everyday.

~ I finally understood what true love meant… love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be. 

~ Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.

~ You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.

~ You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. It’s actions, not words, that matter.

~ Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn’t make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more. 

~ I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.

~ You are, and always have been, my dream.

~ You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.

~ We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that’s why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I’ll never forget a single moment of it.

~ When you’re struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.

~ Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that. 
~ If you like her, if she makes you happy, and if you feel like you know her—then don’t let her go.

~ The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over. 
~ The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.
~ Romance is thinking about your significant other, when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pink Quotes

~ You can't move mountains by whispering at them. 
~ My dad raised me with some good advice: 'Always tell the truth. Always shoot from the hip. You might not have many friends, but you'll never have enemies, because people will always know where you're coming from.'
~ Charting your own course isn't just more necessary than ever before. It's also much easier — and much more fun. 
~ I believe there's 31 flavors to be tasted. . . I'm just living my life. I don't want to be your kind of good. 
~ The problem was, I was labeled as trouble — so I was like, 'Trouble? I'll show you trouble. You want trouble, well here it is!' No matter what label they give you, the best thing you can do is prove them wrong. 

~ To experience the good you have to have seen the bad; plus it makes you appreciate blessings more. [Tough times] taught me to be a fighter.

~ I decided at 15 that I didn't want to be one of those artists that gets up and sings love songs they don't mean. I decided that I was going to be me to the fullest extent, that my songs were going to reflect relationships I've had, things I've been through, and even the stuff I'm embarrassed about. 
~ Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention. But you have to get there. 
~ For so long, I was searching for something to be proud of. But at a certain point, I realized, 'Wait, I'm doing what I want to be doing. I'm not wanting to do it; I'm doing it.' And that's awesome. 

~ It's very easy for me to tap into 'go f*ck yourself. Maybe that's the only way I feel powerful. I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life, and I'd say it's 80 percent happiness and 20 percent sheer confusion and fear that I'll f*ck it up somehow. I'm consumed by my emotions. 
~ Every album, I'm worried that I'm a dork and a fraud; what if I can't sing anymore? Then I stop thinking and start playing guitar, and I realize that it's OK to suck, and move forward. 
~ I'm feeling really grateful. I'm feeling grateful that I've been able to participate in this game for as long as I have. I'm feeling grateful that I've been able to tell my stories. I don't know that my mom and dad are that grateful, or Carey [Hart, Pink's husband], but it's been good for me. I'm grateful if I've kept one girl from feeling different or ugly or unempowered.

~ [Willow] was in the frank breech position, which is head up with her legs up by her head. We tried everything to turn her around. Turns out this little girl had other plans — she is my daughter, after all. 

~ The willow is my favorite tree. I grew up near one. It's the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it; no wind, no elements. It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment. I want that for her. 
~ I look at Willow and she's so naughty and fiery, and I'm not going to take any of her fierceness personally — my mom took all of my behavior personally. Everything I did, she thought it was an act of rebellion against her. But it was just me being me. And that's something I want to post on every mirror in my house: 'This is not about you!' 
~ I'm used to going into the studio and smoking and drinking until three in the morning. But I can't drink as much because I'm breastfeeding. See this glass of wine? Before, I'd have, like, four of them. Now, one is good. Oh, and I quit smoking. . . I've exorcised a lot of my demons, but I'm still working on myself. I think I'll be a work in progress for the rest of my life.

~ I've always had an issue with [the idea that]: 'OK, we've both decided to do this. Why am I a slut and you're the player? You didn't get anything from me that I didn't get from you. 
~ 'Sexy' doesn't have to come with the price tag of being dumb. 
~ There's something about breaking up with someone; you just look hotter than you ever did before. I will never look as good as I did those six months after we broke up. Never! 
~ People are always like, 'Why did you [and husband Carey Hart] get back together?'" Well, we weren't done. And now we have Willow, so we'll never be done.
 ~ Accept that it's good? Are things ever good? I don't believe that exists. Long-term relationships are an everyday choice. It's harder to be in a marriage than it is to bounce from one relationship to the next. We're good because we communicate and we've grown up together, not because we don't fight.
~ Boys go off to war and women wait. But we go off to war, too. In fact, we do more and more and we have to deal with sh*t you guys don't wanna know about like Spanx and body awareness and being pitted against each other, constantly in competition.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Beginnings Quotes

~ This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change. 
~ All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else. 
~ And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been 
~ No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one! 

~ The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become - because He made us. He invented us. He invented all the different people that you and I were intended to be. . .It is when I turn to Christ, when I give up myself to His personality, that I first begin to have a real personality of my own. 
~ For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

~ One of the best times for figuring out who you are & what you really want out of life? Right after a break-up. 
~ I guess it's going to have to hurt, I guess I'm going to have to cry, And let go of some things I've loved to get to the other side 
~ I guess it's going to break me down, Like fallin when you try to fly,
Sad but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye 

~ I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was. Likewise, I never imagined that home might be something I would miss.

~ A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare
to the jeweled vision of a life started anew. 
~ Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you. 
~ There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I. 

~ Now I've gone for too long
Living like I'm not alive
So I'm going to start over tonight
Beginning with you and I

~ Accomplishments don’t erase shame, hatred, cruelty, silence, ignorance, discrimination, low self-esteem or immorality. It covers it up, with a creative version of pride and ego. Only restitution, forgiving yourself and others, compassion, repentance and living with dignity will ever erase the past.

~ We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.
~ You raze the old to raise the new. 
~ Even seasonal situations can bring with them lessons that last a lifetime. If the love doesn’t last, it prepares you for the one that will. 
~ Rather than turning the page, it's much easier to just throw the book away.

~ Sometimes... Reason and Love are met with a violent ignorance that even what's right gets lost. Our heart bleeds, but when does the blood shed end and the healing begin? 
~ But there's a beginning in an end, you know? It's true that you can't reclaim what you had, but you can lock it up behind you. Start fresh. 
~ Perhaps that is where our choice lies -- in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.

~ Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act!

~ Morning will come, it has no choice.

~ Morning not only forgives, it forgets.
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