Friday, June 9, 2017

David Beckham Quotes

~ I have always believed that if you want to achieve anything special in life you have to work, work, and then work some more.

~ With United, we'd all grown up together, we all wanted to win the biggest trophy in football. We did it togther.

~ You will go through tough times, it's about getting through them.

~ My work ethic is something that I thought would help the team.

~ As soon as a free kick is given and it's anywhere near the box, I get excited. I don't really concentrate what side the keeper is on, because I always think that if I catch it as well as I can, then I can beat him whichever way he goes.

~ You can be the one - in - a - million. Don’t be discouraged by the odds to Succeed.

~ When I was a kid, I thought my dad was a little bit harsh with me at times. Sometimes I needed an arm around me instead of my dad telling me what I did wrong, but it obviously worked.

~ I just want people to see me as a hard-working footballer and someone who is passionate about the game.

~ My priority is always the family and Victoria [Beckham] and I always ensure we are there for our children. We work hard but family comes first.

~ Every situation has changed me as a person.

~ I'm not silly enough to think I'm going to change the whole culture ... but I do have a belief that soccer can go to a different level.

~ I left United, but my Heart didn't

~ The secret to my success is practice!

~ I still look at myself and want to improve.

~ Everyone's been so quick to say that I'm really thick or I haven't got a brain. People will think whatever they want to think.

~ I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don't know into what religion yet.

~ There's room for boys' and girls' football in the world-that's what I believe.

~ No one's ever really given me any style advice. I wear what I want, and it doesn't matter what other people think.

~ I think of Milan every day, really. I was really happy at Milanello. I love the team, the staff, everybody who works there. I love the fans. I miss Milan badly, I miss Italy. I don't miss a single [Milan] game, and I don't understand those that say that Calcio is in difficulty. It's so competitive and complete.

~ We've been asked to do 'Playboy' together, me and Victoria, as a pair. I don't think I'll ever go naked, but I'll never say never.

~ I'm a very stubborn person. I think it has helped me over my career. I'm sure it has hindered me at times as well, but not too many times. I know that if I set my mind to do something, even if people are saying I can't do it, I will achieve it.

~ I have come to accept that if I have a new haircut it is front page news. But having a picture of my foot on the front page of a national newspaper is a bit exceptional.

~ I like nice clothes, whether they're dodgy or not.

~ I didn't want to go there [America] at 34 years old and for people to say he's only going for the money. It's not what I'm going out there to do.

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